MADRE EP RELEASE – Music is the healer


„So much gratitude to be able to finally release our EP „Madre“.
It‘s a beautiful cocreation with amazing artists like Haptik, who produced the two original songs and Steffen Ki, NATURRITU and Vachantu, who made amazing revisions of them. All has been released through the medicine music label NUMA. Infinite gratitude for your support and love.

“Tierra” is the first EP of a trilogy. 
“Madre” came to me in a difficult moment when I lost myself and felt a deep heartbreak. Back then this song was my medicine that helped me to feel, express, release and reconnect to the greatest Mother the cosmic force of Life. Remembering that LOVE is what we are when we allow us to receive it from our own hearts instead of searching for it in another being.

“Corazon del Mundo” came to me when I was doing my visionquest in thé Andes of Ecuador… 
From stillness and silence I began to feel the heartbeat of the Earth and she wispered her teachings into my ear… 
Both songs are my way of praying to the cosmic force of life that is awakening in humanity.

Feel free to share and spread these prayers if they touch your heart.

We are Love

with Haptik & Naturritu @ the Equinox Festival 2021