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Cacao Ceremonies

A cacao ceremony is a way to reconnect to the wonder of life. Of feeling and opening ourselves to the subtle sensations that guide us back into the depth of our own being. It’s a space that allows us to remember our humanity and invites us to be raw and real with ourselves and each other. Plant medicine ceremonies inspired by many

indigenous tribes are healing modalities to reconnect us with the natural and spirit world. From my personal experience of working with the medicine of Cacao I can say, that by simply creating a safe space of presence, love, non judgment and compassion a lot of transformation and healing is possible.

In my ceremonies meditation, prayer, music, embodiment practices, journaling, sharing circles and dance are tools that support the ritual. Each ritual is different, as it is inspired by the space and each person in the circle.


Cacao Deep Dive

I am offering One-on-One Cacao Deep Dive Ceremonies for those of you, you wanna reconnect to the wisdom of your own heart.

In these sessions I use Mindfulness & Embodiment Practices, Yoga, Tantra, Shamanic Rituals, Gene Keys, Music and Dance to craft a safe

space for you to find the answers and the healing that you need. I do not consider myself as a “healer”, “coach” or “shaman” as I truly believe that we are all of this for ourselves, when we come back to alignment with our true Nature or Soul Essence.

1,5 Hours

3 Hours


111 EURO

222 Euro




“Vor Kurzem durfte ich eine One-on-One Ceremony mit Ella genießen. Herzlich begleitet mit der Gitarre half Ella mir den Übergang aus einer schwierigen Lebensphase hin in eine neue aufregende Zeit zu gestalten. Mit einigen transformierenden Ritualen konnte ich mich von Vergangenem lösen und wieder in die Dankbarkeit eintauchen. Ich fühlte mich so gesehen und abgeholt mit dem wie ich war und neu fokussiert auf meine Vorstellungen.

Vielen Dank für diesen wunderschönen Start einer Reise in mein neues selbstbestimmtes Leben.”

With love, Lisa

My favorite raw cacao supplier is

Maya Munay. Their sustainable project supports local farmer from Venezuela. You can get 10% off with the code “EllaVie”.

“And those who were

seen dancing were thought to be insane by those

who could not

hear the music.”

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a form of conscious movement practice where you can dance & express yourself fully and naturally. As soon as you enter the space, you are invited to let go of any judgements and expectations.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions, sensations, the body, mind, and spirit. Because this is a safe space for movement and expression, we do request that you follow common sense and the three main guidelines.

  • no shoes (and wear comfy clothes!
  • no booze (or any other drugs)
  • no talking (body language only!)

Most Dances Include:

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

  • warm-up activity
  • opening circle
  • 2 hour Ecstatic Dance
  • sound journey or meditation
  • closing circle


We share the magic of music, dance, community & celebration through Concerts, Ecstatic Dances & DJ Sets. You can also book us for Cacao Ceremonies and Singing Circles, where we create playful and explorative safe spaces for vocal freedom and connection.



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A Shakti Temple is a warm and loving “heartspace” for women, to explore the feminine way of life. Together with the medicine of Cacao we dive into our inner mystery unfolding the divine feminine codes to clear our vessels to become a channel for love and healing on this planet. It’s a real and raw space where our humanness is fully embraced as it is our portal to the magic of our soul. In the next weeks we will tap into the codes of the 7 divine feminine Archetypes. You can join the live sessions or dive deeper with the DEEP DIVE.

Wanna dive deepER?

Check out the 7 Archetypes!


“Shakti Tempel ist für mich ein Ort, der sich wie Zuhause anfühlt: Geborgenheit, Liebe und tiefe Nahrhaftigkeit. Inmitten von Frauen versammelt, erwacht ein uraltes Bedürfnis, das in uns allen schlummert: der Wunsch nach Verbundenheit, Austausch und gegenseitiger Unterstützung. Wir haben verlernt, wie nährend und stärkend diese Kreise sind. Ich bin unendlich dankbar für Ella und die Erfahrungen, die ich bei ihr machen durfte. Die tiefe Erfüllung, die ich dort finde, strahlt in alle Bereiche meines Lebens aus.”


Ella ist für mich eine wunderbare Sister, Musikerin und Mentorin. Nach 15 Monaten in ihrem Frauenkreis, die für mich auch eine Art Ausbildung sind, tue ich Dinge, die ich vorher nie tat. Ich lerne Gitarre spielen, führe mein Stadt gefördertes Frauenkreis Projekt und wachse weiterhin, mit meiner neugewonnenen Weiblichkeit, an den Herausforderungen meinen eigenen Weg zu gehen.

Pure empowerment. Danke Ella 🫶


Goddess Divine Feminine

Shakti Temple

The Mystic

Dive into the magical powers of the Mystic within. Tap into the art of living in flow with all of creation. Become a bridge between worlds and begin to channel the wisdom of the universe through the art of life.

The Mystic is aware of the mechanics of existence. She is here to bring spiritual depth into the material worlds. While humanity has lost touch with the mystery she is a portal back to our ritualistic and magical nature.

Join us for Cacao, Sisterhood and the magic of the Mystic.


02.06.2024 I 16:00 - 20:00 I ESSEN I SIGNUP: 0176/72637675

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Speicher, Dortmund B2B DJ Set

Shakti Temple - The Mystik



New Healing











The Alchemy of Liberation

through Sound

The Alchemy of Liberation

through Sound

17. - 21. July 2024 | CAIA ACADEMY | STEYERBERG

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Join us for a transformative journey through the realms of sound and self expression during our upcoming retreat with Maywa, Ella, Pablo and Steffen. Over five days, we'll delve deep into the exploration of self through vocal freedom, music production techniques, alchemizing emotions and playful embodiment.

Maywa is a singer, composer, voice and embodiment coach, as well as a DJ and Music Producer. She creates original themes inspired by the magic of nature that we are. In service to the frequencies of love, she channels the lyrics for her medicine songs where she gives a voice to the different worlds,

elementals, plants, and spirits. Her art leads the listener to connect with their own inner world and their most intimate and vulnerable aspects and emotions. Maywa's voice & sonic creations feel like a prayer & sound alchemy that through simplicity and purity, unify the hearts of humanity.

Steffen is a sound alchemist, teacher for medicine music production and DJ. He loves to create sonic sanctuaries where people can find a deep sense of connection, inspiration and peace. Inspired by the beauty

and perfection of nature, shamanic and spiritual practices and metaphysical perspectives Steffen seeks to harness the power of frequencies & sound to help in the collective mission to raise the vibration on the planet.

Pablo Giuggioloni, also known as "Haptik," is a versatile producer, DJ, and musician who loves being in the moment and skillfully incorporating it into his art. His passion for percussion and rhythms led him from his hybrid DJ sets to a career in music production. Now, he aims to share his knowledge and the feeling he has gained through his

experiences with others.

Haptik will lead you on a transformative sonic journey, blending ecstatic live-looping, mesmerizing soundscapes and the art of bringing together the analog and digital worlds. This retreat is not a performance but an opportunity to explore the depths of music and self-expression.

During the retreat Ella will share how to use our vulnerability and human experience as a source of inspiration for all our creations through Embodiment Practices, Emotional Alchemy and Vocal Freedom exercises. She will take you back into the body and into the depth of your emotional

body in order to channel the lyrics, melodies and songs of the moment. She will also tap into the feminine and masculine dance during music creation and music production and share vocal freedom techniques (inspired by Uria Tsur) to unleash the child like essence within.

Retreat Flow

DAY 1:

We'll ground ourselves in the theme of Earth, connecting with the essence of sound healing and setting intentions for our journey ahead. Through a collective prayer during the opening cacao ceremony, we'll establish a sacred space for our exploration.

DAY 2:

Moving into the realm of Water, we'll dive into the depths of our emotions, unraveling judgments and desires to create from a place of authenticity. With guidance from Maywa and Ella, we'll explore vocal freedom and embark on a journey of self-expression before delving into the recording process.

DAY 3:

DAY 4:

As we embrace the element of Air, we'll open our hearts to compassion and the power of collaboration within the tribe. Through collaborative creations and the magic of space holding, we'll explore the dynamics of co-creation and the strength of community. Furthermore we will explore the depths of music production and recording with Steffen & Pablo.

Igniting the element of Fire, we'll finalize our arrangements and empower ourselves to celebrate the journey we've undertaken by co-creating a full on immersive event feat. Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing and Ecstatic Dance, culminating in a joyful celebration of our achievements.

DAY 5:

Transitioning into the realm of Aether, we'll reflect on how we can integrate our experiences into our daily lives, carrying the lessons learned and the connections made forward beyond the retreat.

Please note: The retreat will be held in English.

What to bring?


  • A laptop with Ableton Live installed, any version is ok if you already have one (if not you can get a fully working 30 Day trial version on the website:
  • Headphones


  • Musical Instruments
  • Midi Controllers

PRICE: 777,-

Beautiful Dragonfly Mandala Insect Illustration


Beautiful Dragonfly Mandala Insect Illustration




15. - 17. November 2024

I wanna Say YES!