Temple of Divine Play – An Urban Retreat

Are you longing for depth & intimacy in your relationships? Have you been wondering what it take to feel fully alive as life? Do you wanna tap into your own resourcefulness and sovereignty and explore what wants to be created and expressed through you here on earth?

If these questions resonate in your heart, this retreat might be your portal towards your own natural expression in life and your relationships.

During the 4/5 Day Intensive we dive into the mystery within. Through Embodiment Practices & Emotional Release Sessions we move through what kept us bounded in our conditioned self to reconnect to our purest and most innocent part inside. When we unwind and release what has been blocked, we regain access to our innate life force that can than be used as creative energy. Through Tantra, Conscious Relating, Music, Dance & Embodiment Practices we reconnect to our innate life-force, to excess the deeper layers within ourselves, that transform the way we show up in our lives.

Everything in a Nutshell

  • Ipsalu Tantra Practices
  • Emotional Release & Breathwork Sessions
  • Cacao Ceremonies & Vocal Freedom Sessions
  • Sharing Circles & Music Jams
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Sacred Intimacy & Temple Night „light“
  • organic vegan/vegetarian Soulfood

The program is designed to:

  • Connect deeper to your senses, sensuality and your intuition
  • Slowing down & allowing yourself to deeply listen to your emotions fears & desires.
  • Learn how to create intimacy without effort
  • Reinforce trust in yourself
  • Express yourself more authentic in dance voice breath sound & movement 
  • Experience the power of togetherness & learn how to Include yourself in a group
  • Connect to a juicy source of happiness & love inside of you 

Tantra & Intimacy

When sexual energy flows freely through our body, we love deeper, communicate better, become creative beings, and at the highest level we are able to experience truly spiritual states. Sexual energy is highly valued by Eastern cultures. For the followers of Kabbalah, lust is the deepest spiritual experience that a human being can experience. According to yoga philosophy, pure sexual energy remains dormant until it is awakened in its highest form known as kundalini. Tantra sees it as the vital energy necessary for good functioning in all areas of life, especially those related to creativity and action. Sexual energy makes us fertile, and not only in a biological sense. However, for this to happen, it must be well directed. And it doesn’t have to be sex. 

In this journey we will create a nourishing experience that permits each one of us to explore slowly out of our comfort zone in a safe container, into more tender honest emotional & erotic relating. With ourselves & with others

Our intention is to create a space of sensual heart connection, love, intimacy & tenderness. Let ourselves be guided by our curiosity, innocence, and love for life.

Feelings as the Source of Creativity

Feelings & Emotions can become our muse, when we allow ourselves to feel them fully. Whenever we pay attention to what is truly alive in us in every we begin to excess a source of infinite inspiration & creativity. Trough creative expression we can begin to alchemize everything back into beauty and love, celebrating our authenticity our humanness and the totality of our life experiences.

Vocal Freedom – Findung our Authentic Voice

Our voice is our first and most intimate instrument. It is a creative force that supports us to weave realities. It can be inspired by thoughts and the mind, or it can be purely an instrument of the heart. When we speak & sing from the heart our voice can become a gateway to our emotional body, supporting us to feel ourselves and each other again. In a playful way we will discover our authentic voice and the subtile dimensions of what wants to be expressed through us.

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is one of these teacher plants that reconnect us to to power of our own hearts. It ignites our feeling sense, so we can experience our lives more through the body and less through the mind. Through ritual and prayer we connect to the medicine plant of Cacao to invite the magic in us to unfold in the here & now. As each moment is sacred and part of the ceremony of life, this specific „sacred space“ is an invitation to open ourselves to the magic of the profound and mundane moments of life.

Each ceremony will have a specific intention that supports us to reconnect deeper to the mystery and magic within. Through prayer, music, conscious movement and heart to heart connections we explore, how we can relate to ourselves, each other and life in a deeper way.

Ecstatic Dance

Music has the power to move us so we can begin to express ourselves from the inside out. During the Ecstatic Dance we invite the body to take the lead, to shake, to move and unwind ourselves from things that make us feel stucked. Each dance is an encounter with ourselves and a discovery journey into the depth of who we are in this now. Movement can become our prayer but also a portal the subconscious mind, that allows us to see what has been hidden behind the veils of perception. As we flow trough different frequencies & emotions, we free ourselves from all obstructions, so we can drop back into the joy of pure being.

Haptik aka. Pablo Giuggioloni & EllaVie will bring you back to the playground of your life inviting you to reconnect to the purest and wildest little child inside to celebrate this wild ride called life.

Guided by:

Kachenka Foltova

Kachenka is a transformational facilitator, intimacy and relationship coach, Tantra teacher and trauma therapist. It is her mission to support seekers to develop their emotional intelligence skills to become emotionally mature, build connections between intellect and intuition to experience wholeness and rise on their path to higher consciousness. With her retreats, workshops and mentoring programs she focuses on bringing consciousness into sexuality, emotions and communication. She trains individuals and couples to return to a place of authenticity and empowerment.

Ella Kacavenda

Ella is a Tantric Yoga Teacher, Musician, Producer, Ecstatic Dance DJ, Cacao Fairy, Bodyworker and Spaceholder for Women Circles. Her mission is to share her gift of humanness & vulnerability to empower others to express their real and raw authentic self. She blends her wisdom of Yoga, Tantra & Shamanism and uses music, breath & movement to bring aliveness back into our bodies & lives.


Pleasure Palace

Am Mechtenberg 81

Essen Kray


25.05.2023 – 29.05.2023 (Pfingsten)

  • Thursday: 6pm – 11pm
  • Friday: 10am -11pm
  • Saturday: 10am -11pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 11pm
  • Monday: 10am – 2pm



  • Early Bird: 444,- (until the 28.02.2023)
  • Regular: 555,-
  • Supporter: 666,-

vegan/vegetarian Soulfood & Drinks (99,-)

  • 4x Lunch (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
  • 4x Dinner (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Snacks & Drinks